One of the great things about being at a college downtown is the ease with which you can get places.  I mean… once you get the hang of jaywalking, the sky’s the limit.

Anyway.  A friend and I headed to the Atlanta Greek Festival Saturday.  Pretty awesome.  Some dancers came out, from little kids to pro-level people, and did some of the traditional Greek dances from different regions of Greece.  The pro-group even did a more modern Greek dance. And the music was great – the same sort of stuff as you still hear playing in cafés in Greece today.

The main attractions of the festival were some self-tours and lectures in the Greek Orthodox church.

There was also this massive, really cool Greek map in the church, and I just had to take a close up of Athens. What can I say? Athena always was my fave Greek goddess.

p.s. – obligatory Pete pic 😀

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