Matchbooks. You don’t see them much anymore, but my family used to collect them. 

They make a cool way to see some different places you’ve been…

Some different restaurants where you’ve eaten…

like The Treasure Ship in Panama City– this famous landmark restaurant burnt down about two weeks ago…. sad to see it go.

And Hemingway’s — this place is still around.
Gino’s – some of the best pizza in Chicago.
Spats, in Nashville, has been closed for years.

And last, but not least! A little matchbox wisdom never goes wrong.

Where I Hang My Hat

Packed up all my stuff today and relocated back home for the summer.

As everybody decamped in the dorm, I watched people ship out for LA, Vancouver, South Korea, South Carolina…. a whole slew of places.

It was super cool to see all our diverse dorm crew – each in a packing frenzy – with the same goal in mind: