Summer Internship

I’ve been learning the ins and outs of social media this summer over at Engauge with the Digital Innovation Group. Check out some of my posts:

20 Mommy Bloggers Making an Impact

Google Chrome OS: A Game Changer?

Empire Avenue: How Much Are You Worth?

More to come!


Country Roads

I am from an incredibly small town that you probably haven’t heard of.

Cotton fields, country music, a church on every corner.  And everybody knows everybody.

For seven years, I’ve been livin’ in the big city.  Took a trip back to Alabama for my middle school bud’s wedding – and it was the first time I’d been around the ol’ stomping grounds for what seemed like a lifetime.

I looove the big city.

But I do miss the old dance studio, the fresh cotton, some childhood friends, those Jiffy cookies….