It’s the Great Pumpkin!


We stopped by the pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins for Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody!


outfit snapshot.


One day this week, I wore this outfit: dress from Urban Outfitters, navy blue leggings, sandals from Target, and my fave vintage Gap jean jacket.

And the rest of the days I just tumbled out of bed and rushed to class. : D

Worth It


J’adore this makeup at Target!

It’s Elf and I love it because it’s easy and inexpensive. I especially like the eyeshadows, lipgloss, and blush. : )

Soo many cute, colorful eyeshadows to try out, for $1.00?! Yes, please!

And the lipgloss is so great – it looks good, smells good, and feels good. A win-win-win situation. Plus! It’s SPF 15, perfect for some easy sun protection.

Have you tried out any Elf makeup? ย What did you think?

outfit snapshot.


Midterm season is finally finishing up at Emory.

During all the crazy hours spent rereading notes at Starbucks or studying in the library, I wanted to stay dressed comfortably!

So! My midterm season uniform was mainly my Target pink wrap-around sweater (2009), white tunic-shirt from H&M, black leggings, and Toms.

I think I’ll start doing these “outfit snapshot” posts regularly – what do you think? : )

The Big Draw, Emory Edition


Emory participated in the internationalย Big Draw as part of one of our Wonderful Wednesdays – there was impromptu art happening all over campus!

‘Scuse these photos… I only had my phone camera on me, again! (I’ll hopefully definitely get better about charging my camera battery.)

Reams of paper were even stretched over the ground alongside chalk – for everyone to jump in!

I love art, and I loved seeing everyone join in for the fun. : )

Sustainable Food Fair

Each fall, Emory throws a Sustainable Food Fair, featuring tons of locally grown fresh food, restaurants that serve sustainable foods, local sustainable food nonprofits, AND! free samples! There’s always a great turn out, loud music (last year they had banjo players!), and a bunch of cool food to try out or buy.

(‘Scuse these photos – I only had my phone camera on me! Oops!)

The fair promotes all these locally grown, sustainable efforts – but it also aims to inform people about the issue of sustainability. There are info signs around, and the nonprofit representatives are there to answer any questions.

There’s a huge variety of food stands – breads, pie, tea, honey, ice cream, vegetables, pastries, cheeses, yogurt….

And all the vendors are super-passionate about their work and eager to talk to you.

Fresh food, nice people, outdoor music – what’s not to love?

: )

outfit snapshot.

Hello, fall temps in Georgia!

Around October, it starts getting cold in the mornings. Real cold.ย But it’s still Georgia-hot in the afternoon!

To balance between these chilly and sweaty parts of the day, we layer our clothing. : )

Today I wore a magenta tunic paired with black leggings from New York & Company. And to keep warm, I pulled out my vintage Gap jean jacket, plus a scarf.

So bring in on, Georgia weather! We can take it!

: )