outfit snapshot.


One day this week, I wore this outfit: dress from Urban Outfitters, navy blue leggings, sandals from Target, and my fave vintage Gap jean jacket.

And the rest of the days I just tumbled out of bed and rushed to class. : D

Worth It


J’adore this makeup at Target!

It’s Elf and I love it because it’s easy and inexpensive. I especially like the eyeshadows, lipgloss, and blush. : )

Soo many cute, colorful eyeshadows to try out, for $1.00?! Yes, please!

And the lipgloss is so great – it looks good, smells good, and feels good. A win-win-win situation. Plus! It’s SPF 15, perfect for some easy sun protection.

Have you tried out any Elf makeup?  What did you think?

outfit snapshot.


Midterm season is finally finishing up at Emory.

During all the crazy hours spent rereading notes at Starbucks or studying in the library, I wanted to stay dressed comfortably!

So! My midterm season uniform was mainly my Target pink wrap-around sweater (2009), white tunic-shirt from H&M, black leggings, and Toms.

I think I’ll start doing these “outfit snapshot” posts regularly – what do you think? : )

The Big Draw, Emory Edition


Emory participated in the international Big Draw as part of one of our Wonderful Wednesdays Рthere was impromptu art happening all over campus!

‘Scuse these photos… I only had my phone camera on me, again! (I’ll hopefully definitely get better about charging my camera battery.)

Reams of paper were even stretched over the ground alongside chalk – for everyone to jump in!

I love art, and I loved seeing everyone join in for the fun. : )