Goodbye 2010, hellooo Germany!


It’s the last day of 2010! The beginning of 2011! Time to celebrate!

2010 was a great year…. hello, 2011! What are your plans for welcoming the new year?

As for me, I’m packing today! Jan 11, I’m flying out to Freiburg, Germany where I’m going to be studying this semester! And as I start to pack and organize everything for leaving, I’m feeling…




Mainly, I am really looking forward to all the ins and outs of another culture!

I know it’ll be a challenge, though. But I figure that’s just part of the authentic experience. Along with all the excitement and adventure, I’m expecting a few rough and tumble days — homesick, culture shock… but I think I’m up for it!

It’s gonna be great, yeah?

Auf Wiedersehen!


a merry little christmas, part II


Hope everybody is enjoying their holiday! Good food, good times, good friends and family – I love this time of year.

We had a white Christmas here in Atlanta! The first in 128 years.

From the AJCThis is Atlanta’s first white Christmas since the Chester Arthur administration (that was 1882 for non-historians).

Merry Christmas! : )