Freiburg vs. Nürnberg!


Made it back late last night from a busy week in Berlin and Prague! It was a great time and filled with lots of sightseeing and studying recent Eastern European history. Pictures and recap to come later this week! : D

Here’s some pictures from last weekend’s soccer football game – Freiburg vs. Nürnberg! They’re pretty big rivals!

It’s Freiburg in the red, Nürnberg in the white….

We had such an incredibly excited crowd! The stadium was packed and EVERYONE had a team scarf. And there were flags and banners all over…

And the singing and chanting and clapping never stopped! This guy with the megaphone directed the crowd’s songs and chants….

And there was a ton of security!

We ended up tying 1-1. It was a such a great game and experience!

And here’s a quick vid of some of the singing – it was awesome!

This Week in Pictures


A few photos around Freiburg!

doorways. Münsterplatz

The Freiburger Münster, our big cathedral built around 1200 ad:
Germany loves international food! There are tons of Turkish restaurants here, along with Irish, Spanish, Chinese… and more. Here’s a photo from lunch at an Italian place… lunch.

We get sparkling water at almost every restaurant! Its one of the most popular drinks in Germany, and flat water is hard to come by!

I’ve been in Freiburg for just over a week now, and I’m starting to know my way around and get comfortable here! Today, I’m going to see an authentic European soccer football game, Freiburg vs. Nürnberg! Can’t wait! : )

Home in Germany


I showed you a couple of pictures inside my kitchen and living space of the dorm, now here’s a couple more inside my room! The place is huge, bigger than my dorm room back at Emory!

I have a great window – a big door that lets in plenty of light and even opens up for some fresh air! : )

My study abroad program focuses on the history and institutions of the European Union. To go along with our classes, we are traveling to lots of places in the EU to see up close how the government and economics here all works. Next week, I’m heading out to Berlin and Prague to see the sights and the history of the cities. I’ll be away from the computer, but I’ll update with pictures and stories as soon as I get back home to Freiburg!

Stay tuned! : D


Last weekend, our program did the first traveling of the semester! We divided into three groups: the first went to Titisee, the second to Sasbachwalden (I think), and my group went to Staufen! We hiked up to the ruins – they’ve been around since the High Middle Ages! Around 1100 ad.

The hills all around are covered with vineyards…

From the ruins you can see France in one direction, and the Black Forest in the other! This view shows Germany:

Staufen is also famous for claiming to be the place where Faust died – from the famous German legend of an intellectual who sold his soul for more knowledge.

Today, it suffers from shifts in the city foundations due to some drilling for gas energy a few years ago. Huge cracks split through walls and buildings…

Big red signs like that one cross the cracks throughout the city. They say, “Staufen must not break!”

Before our group left, we enjoyed some kaffee und kuchen, or coffee and cake! I had the traditional Black Forest cake, famous in the region! Yummmm!

It was a great trip and I can’t wait to travel to some more places in Europe! : )

Life on Charlottenburgerstraße!

Today is day 5 in Freiburg, and I’m starting to get settled in! I’ve got a German phone, a German cell phone number, and a mailbox in Germany with my name on it! : )

Here’s a picture of my dorm building on Charlottenburgerstraße:

And a couple from inside the main living/kitchen area…

I share an apartment with 5 other students, mostly Germans or exchange students from other places in the EU! So far, I’m lovin’ it – there’s plenty of room and awesome, interesting people! : D

Exploring Freiburg


Our first assignment in Freiburg: get to know the city! We broke into four groups 14-ish people to explore the different areas in town. Here’s some of the highlights from today and my group’s walk!

Freiburg is so pretty! I lose my sense of direction a lot  –  the streets paths and intersections are all intricate and, as a newcomer, they all look similar to me. But I love walking around here, and I can’t wait to explore the other parts of the city and get to know it better! : )

outfit snapshot. – new year’s eve!


A little bit late but…

Happy New Year’s everyone!! How did you celebrate the new year? I kicked off 2011 with Stephanie and some other friends, a few impromptu resolutions, and looots of cake candy and sugar. It was a great way to end 2010 and welcome 2011!

I wore a blouse from Ann Taylor Loft, a jacket I’ve had for a while, a new gray scarf I got for Christmas (!), and gold Toms. : )

I also tried to follow along with this super cool scarf-tying technique… but I didn’t quite get it right. I think it turned out pretty well, though! : )

Here’s hoping everyone has a great 2011!