Sledding in the Swiss Alps!


My study abroad program organized an optional day trip – skiing/sledding on the Alps in Switzerland! I went hiking and sledding with about 20 other people, while around 10 others (who already had some experience!) opted to ski or snowboard. There was something amazing to do there for everyone!

It was an early morning and a 3 hour bus ride to Grindelwald, a town in the midst of the Alps….


Once we arrived, those of us who were sledding took another 30 min bus ride up one of the mountains. From there, we continued up with a hike for about an hour! It was a good workout, and we got pretty hot despite the snow and altitude!


Both hiking up and sledding back down were filled with the most amazing views….
the swiss alps.sun and snow.

It was unreal! And after sledding back down the hiking route, we got to keep sledding for most of the rest of the way down the mountain…. a 5 mile course!


This place is home to the longest sledding route in Europe, and it was the most snow I’d ever seen in my life!

And! I found a little bit of Atlanta in Switzerland….

atlanta in switzerland.

: )

It was a great weekend! Sledding in the Swiss Alps was one of the most fun things ever, and everybody had a blast! : D

53 thoughts on “Sledding in the Swiss Alps!

  1. I love these pictures! I haven’t been to the Alps (though have been to Switzerland). It reminds me of Leavenworth Washington, a Bavarian themed town in the Cascade Mountains.

  2. 5 miles of sledding? That sounds like such a blast. Gorgeous views. I went to Switzerland when I was 8, but my memory is a bit fuzzy about all of the places I saw. I wish I had been able to sled then!

  3. I went sking and sledding in Grindelwald back in mid 1990’s. I rode the old train. The sledding is awesome! At the time, I was vegtarian. One of the hotels that I ate at one night (name forgotten and my stuff is in storage)didn’t have naything vegetarian on the menu. But the chef was very pleasant and acommodating and prepared an excellent plate of yumminess.
    I spent two weeks train hopping the country. It was the best time ever and every one was so kind and helpful.

  4. That looks and seems awesome! I can’t ski or snowboard, sledding is such a great alternative for having some good fun out in the snow on the mountains and on the Swiss Alps it must have made it that much more fun! Congrats on the FP!

  5. I visited Grindelwald and Wengen in the Lauterbrunen (sp) Valley in the summer of 2008. The mountains in the summer are still snow capped and beautiful. That is the most beautiful place I have ever laid eyes on. Glad you are enjoying it.

  6. I really like the first pic. I used to sled as a kid and recall the long walks to and from the hill. What fabulous exercise and clean air cities had 50-years ago. As an adult I moved to the country and slid down the hill at the back of our house in winter. Thanks. Always wanted to visit the Alps in any season.

  7. I’ve been to Grindelwald in the summer, but never in winter. Sledding looks like so much fun, must go back and try this!

  8. Beautiful pictures! You were lucky to have such a sunny day in the alps! Was it scary sledding down so far? And what a surprise to discover “Atlanta” in the Alps. Now, those are the Highlands!

  9. Fun!
    I was just visiting Wengen a few weeks ago & made it down to Grindelwald as well – gorgeous region up there (my own pics on my blog as well)! I spent my time snowboarding but the sledding looked like a blast! Kinda bummed I didn’t find the time to give it a go, but as I currently live in a desert I felt obligated to give snowboarding every spare sec I had! Next time!

  10. Considering the fact that I have been sledding, skiing and snowboarding on the Alps, I know how exciting and thrilling it is. I also wound up sweating like a pig by the end of the exercise, and actually had to wind up removing some of my layers and layers of warm clothes, but not my gloves, even though my hands were boiling. The ski instructor warned me that if I even tried to remove my gloves, he wouldn’t take me on again! PFFT.
    Great pictures, and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!
    Ashley, aka TheEverydayMuser

  11. Pics are beautiful! Im living in Korea at the moment and was really missing the European winter and beautiful mountains. We get tonnes of snow here but it comes with sub zero temperatures that sometimes drop to -25’c brrrrr, One good thing is the winter sports, from sledding to skating to skiing, Koreans sure know how to make the most out of winter!!

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