Be Well in 2012

Hey everybody,

So, I’ve been absent from the blog too much lately. It’s now my last semester of college, and everything seems hectic around here.

There’s lots of fun times and memories at Emory wrapping up, but also lots of exciting things to look forward to after graduation.

road less traveled.

I’m not sure yet what the post-graduation plan is — but not knowing is part of the excitement, right?

For now, I’m enjoying the last of my time at Emory and sticking with some good advice I heard for this year:



Be well in 2012. I’m all about it. Not really any specific resolutions, deadlines or goals — just being well. Living well, feeling well, being well.

Who’s with me? : )

One thought on “Be Well in 2012

  1. With you!
    Was just saying to an acquaintence: the culture-shock on leaving college! Beware!

    All those essays, dissertations etc where you have to back up every point, all conclusions be properly inferred from the premise… you know, the world of recognisable parameters.

    And then the ‘ordinary’ world where Nothing is ever thought through, all is ad-hoc, accidental, there-by-the-grace-of-god.

    Beware the culture shock: it hits hardest when you realise you are totally reliant on that way from now on.

    That apart, have fun, mucho fun, lots and lots of it!!!!!!!!!


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