Washington, DC

Until last year, I had never been to the US capital. It was a place I’d always wanted to visit, but somehow never had the chance.

And now that I’ve seen it, I know that I love it. The people, the bustle, the food, the museums, the news crews – this city has a lot of excitement packed in.

There’s lots of marble everywhere…

united states of america.

And neoclassical architecture…


There are the famous monuments visible in the heart of the city…


Downtown, the area is filled with tourists, souvenirs, activists, and food:


make some noise.

dc eats.



I had a great time in DC! Have you been? What’s your favorite memory about a trip to the capital? : )

3 thoughts on “Washington, DC

  1. We went and took Tracy when she was around 12. Did alot of the museums, typical touristy things like the Lincoln Memorial. Oddly what I remember the most was the rain. The one day we were on foot alot happened to be the rainiest. We got wet! LOL!

  2. I was just there in mid-April! I finally managed to walk around the Tidal Basin: the Jefferson, F. D. Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King memorials are all worth seeing. Dupont Circle is one of my favorite areas to hang out, eat, drink; it’s an area I’d visited some years back. A new favorite has to be the U Street Historical District: lots of important history and architecture, plus Ben’s Chili Bowl was for me absolutely mandatory.

    Great pictures of your trip, Kate; I like the self-portrait, too …

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