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July 1, 2011

Five Things Friday


1. I’m in love with this handmade design store: Deep Dark Africa. Especially this cross-body bag…

2. Always a fan of old pictures + new pictures, like the “Dear Photograph” project:

3. J’adore this repurposed map and this message!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

4. I keep coming back to this gorgeous room design in Madrid, Spain. I would definitely live in this place. : )


5. I love Margaret Atwood – she gave some awesome lectures last year at Emory. This honest + humorous quote = fabulous. : D

happy friday + weekend : )

November 9, 2010

Margaret Atwood at Emory


Margaret Atwood, author of great books like The Handmaid’s Tale and (personal fave) The Penelopiad, came to speak at Emory as part of our Ellmann Lectures series.

She was a great speaker with a sharp wit and good insights. She cracked a lot of jokes, shared stories of her childhood growing up in Canada, and even sang a song from one of her books!

Atwood was all about the juxtapositions, which I loved. My favorite insight from her was about our human spirit: “We want excitement and adventure. We want safety and security.”

One of her lectures centered on cartography: how every map has an edge, the border between real and unreal. Where the known is finite, but the unknown is infinite.¬†And she poses the question: are ‘utopias’ and ‘dystopias’ a yin and yang? Do each contain parts of the other?

Food for thought.

My favorite part, ‘course, was getting her to sign my book. ;D


Atwood: “Here’s my advice to you. Read and read and read and write and write and write.”