On the Autobahn

I’ve talked before about getting around Germany, where the train is definitely my go-to mode of transport. But sometimes I also get the chance to take buses on the autobahn, or German highway.

autobahn 1.

The interesting thing about the autobahn in the area where I live: no official, federal speed limit! Generally, the advice is to stay under 75 or 80 mph, but it’s a funny feeling never seeing a speed limit sign on the interstate.

autobahn 2.

Cool fact I learned: Germany has the third longest interstate in the world.

autobahn 3.

I love riding through the German countryside. And here in BadenWürttemberg, there are always mountains along the horizon in the distance. J’adore. : )

Getting Around Germany


I got a such a good question on twitter about how I get around Germany that I decided to do a blog post on it!

Within Freiburg, the Straßenbahn, or street trams, are perfect for getting around town. Freiburg has four electric tram lines and they are a major source of transportation for Freiburgers.

morning commute.
tram stop.

The other transportation means of choice are… bicycles! They ‘re everywhere!


For longer trips outside of Freiburg (but still within the Breisgau area between the Rhine river and the Black Forest), the S-bahn, or above-ground regional trains, are great. They run frequently and aren’t too expensive.

train tracks.

And for the longest trips, I usually book my train tickets through bahn.com – the Deutsche Bahn, or German train.  DB dominates the train industry in Germany.

deutsche bahn.

Back home in the States, I mostly drive a car to get everywhere.  Here in Germany, however, I have no car – but it’s still no trouble getting around. There are plenty of options for ways to travel, and I don’t miss my car at all!